Let’s talk about candida and yeast infections

  1. […] can increase the chance of Candida Overgrowth, which can cause symptoms like headaches, yeast infections, psoriasis, PMS, autoimmune disorders, and more. […]

  2. […] – A sugar that feeds microbes and may encourage a yeast infection. Avoid if you’re prone to yeast […]

  3. rhonda baker says:

    I am having problems with my scalp and hair. Also my skin when I touch anything in my apartment. My hands turn beet red and even feel numb. It’s on my scalp and hair my hair turns black and looks really strange and its aggressive. Moves around on my scalp. I can feel it. I believe the apartment is infected with mold and I’m being attacked with mold also. I’ve been to doctors of course they think I’m crazy. I’ve done so much research until now I’m pretty sure its mold. I have every symptom. Have had now for years. I feel like its killing me. I need some help with this.

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