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4 Supplements for PCOS

Anxiety, depression, hirsutism, insulin resistance, weight gain, fatigue, infertility, hair loss, acne, abnormal mensuration.

All of these are symptoms that make up the title of “PCOS” – which at its core is a combination of hormonal imbalance + inflammation.

When addressing any health concern, you want to look at the root cause first and foremost, but it is helpful to think about addressing symptoms as well for short-term relief.

The thoughtful combination of the two makes the healing process easier, because the root cause can take time to heal, while symptoms can sometimes be relieved a little quicker. An important part of healing is a positive mindset so visible improvement helps to keep spirits high!

Here are 4 supplements that I’ve found to be helpful for PCOS symptoms as well as the root cause – but I encourage you to do your own research before taking anything new!

Inositol – When supplementing with Inositol, it may reduce hirsutism, acne, reduce insulin resistance (aka aid in controlling blood sugar), and reduce symptoms of anxiety. Studies conducted found that it reduced size of polycystic ovaries and increased egg quality.

Curcumin – Inflammation is one of the main contributors to disease, but curcumin is a great supplement for reducing inflammation. Make sure to take a combination that also has black pepper to increase bioavailability (absorption).

Fish oil – DHA found in fish oil is very helpful for reducing inflammation. Omega-3’s have been found to reduce period pain and help with weight management.

Zinc – This is a very helpful supplement for PCOS because it helps manage feelings of depression, while also helping to regulate production and usage of certain hormones like testosterone.

Do you have PCOS? What supplements have worked for you? Let me know in the comments!

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