The 411 On Healing Crystals

Crystals have caught on in the wellness world, but there is a lot up in the air about what they do and how to use them. Do they really possess powers? Do they heal you? What even are they?

I’m here to give you the 411 on healing crystals, as they have recently become a huge fascination of mine. Hopefully this information will guide you in purchasing your first crystal or build on the knowledge about them that you already have!

First of all, I want to say that I think crystals are exactly what each person needs them to be. There is a faith aspect that plays a huge role in the healing process. They are objects of energy, just as the trees and oceans are spiritual energy sources. They emerge from the earth, hold onto that energy, and can be incredibly grounding. Where your thoughts go, your energy goes. If you need your crystal to heal your anxiety, and you believe it can, it can. 1/3 of the healing process is your belief and intention. 

Dr. Mercola covered this topic about intention here and how the healing effects of placebo on Parkinson’s patients. This isn’t to say that crystals are placebo, but belief is part of the process. 

Key points to keep in mind:

Picking your crystal is super important because not all crystals do all things. Each crystal has its own vibration, individuality, and healing property. Certain crystals also resonate with certain chakras. Before purchasing your crystal, make sure to read up on it and figure out what you want to get out of your experience. Make sure to pick something that resonates with you in every way – powers, color, size, appearance.

Setting an intention for your crystal is really important. You have to determine the type of energy that you want to give your crystal. This is a really fun and beautiful part of your spiritual and healing journey. Sit quietly with your new piece. You can use this time to verbally tell your crystal what you need from it, you can pray, you can do whatever you need to feel connected to your new beautiful baby.

Recharging your crystal’s energy is one of my favorite parts of owning them! When you first purchase your crystal you should clean it. You can run it under some water and then let it charge under the sun and/ or moon. Light some sage around your crystal to clear out old energy. You can also play high-vibrational energy music in the same room as your crystals. Be sure to continue to charge your crystal monthly (especially letting it charge under a Full Moon or special moons)!!

How to use your crystal – Each crystal has its own specific use. For example, you can sleep with or beside Amethyst to help with insomnia. When researching your crystal, you can find all of its uses.
Another way to use your crystal is through meditation. Spend some time with it (or one/ a few of them if you’re a collector like myself) each day, holding it in your hand during your meditation. Focus on the crystal and what you are receiving from it.

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