Why I stopped painting my nails

One thing about me is that my nails are ALWAYS done – tips, acrylic, gel, all of it. As silly as it sounds, that was something that made me feel presentable and put together.

So fast forward and for 2 weeks now, my nails have been bare.

Why the sudden change after 3 years of nail appointments?

Researchers at Duke University and EWG conducted a study of women who volunteered to paint there nails. Every woman showed endocrine-disrupting chemicals in their urine.

“The results represent compelling evidence that TPHP, a suspected endocrine-disrupting chemical also used in plastics manufacturing and as a fire retardant in foam furniture, enters the human body via nail polish. These results are troubling because a growing body of scientific data from other studies indicates that TPHP causes endocrine disruption, meaning that it interferes with normal hormone functioning. In animal studies, it has caused reproductive and developmental irregularities.  (Some studies use the acronym TPP for this chemical.)” – EWG

Some brands don’t even show that TPHP is in their polishes, but it is in 49% of the 3,000 nail polish brands out there, including gel polishes.

Another study conducted by Doctor Thu Quach of Stanford University, discovered that the various chemicals in nail polish can lead to fertility problems and cancer. Read more here.

For me, it was a no brainer. I feel like I go through so much effort to take good care of my body and I’m not willing to screw it up with nail polishes.

You can read more at any of the following links –

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You can visit Skin Deep Cosmetics Database by EWG to access a list of over 61,000 cosmetic product to determine which ones are harmful and which aren’t.

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