Week of shame

Picture this:

It’s 2:30am and you wake up to pee.

Damn. You started your period. Well hell, at least it came this month (shoutout to the small blessings in life).

Wait, you’re out of pads AND tampons???? How did you not prepare for this???

You start cursing yourself as you throw on your tattered Nike sweats but REFUSE to put on a bra (#feminism) and have to drive to the nearest 24 hour CVS.

As you check out with a bottle of ibuprofen, a heating pad, and 4 boxes of everything you need (because for the thousandth time in your life you swear you’ll never let yourself run out again), you keep your head low because the dude behind the counter TOTALLY knows that your ovaries feel like they’re committing a very violent suicide… You try to remind yourself that every girl gets her period.

Within twenty minutes – that felt like a lifetime – you’re snuggled back in your clean sheets and warm bed.

Throughout this “ordeal” of first world problems, it likely never occurred to you how many girls lack the privileges that you just took part in.

It is estimated that over 100 million girls in underdeveloped countries have zero access to basic feminine hygiene products. They are often forced to sacrifice the safety of their health by using feathers, leaves, torn up t-shirts, plastic bags, ripped mattresses, mud, or really anything else that they could get their hands on.

1 out of 10 schoolgirls in Africa has to skip school and/ or drop out due to her menstrual cycle. 

In many countries, when a girl starts her period, it is considered her “Week of Shame”. The boys make fun of her if she attends classes because she can’t hide it. If she doesn’t go to school, she’s likely to fall behind, and everyone will still know that it is her time of month, which is still a taboo topic in many countries.

And you thought you had it rough dealing with the stranger behind the counter at CVS…

Luckily we have companies like Cora, on a mission to change the world. They are a monthly subscription box company that sends tampons and little treats like teas and chocolate to get you through the month. Here’s where it gets really good: For every month’s supply of Cora you receive they give a month’s supply of sustainable (biodegradable) pads to a girl in a developing country so she can do anything during her period.

Their mission? To ensure that every woman and girl on the planet has a safe and affective way to manage her period.


The tampons that you receive from Cora are 100% Organic and biodegradable – How sexy is that? 😉



Cora has been incredibly generous in offering a 20% off coupon code if you order from them this month! Use code: ‘CALEETWENTY4016’ (valid through Oct 28)

You’d be really surprised at all of the horrible chemicals that regular tampons put into our bodies. The following video goes into more detail:

If you’d like to learn more and also be incredibly moved check this out –

Comment your thoughts and if you order let me know!

Good for you, humanity, AND the environment? Tate approves!


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  • Ailsa Cruickshank
    Posted at 04:50h, 16 October Reply

    Wow this is such an awesome cause to support! I’m all about organic, so nice !!!!!!

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