Juice cleanses: All of your questions answered

I am currently juice cleansing with BluePrint and this is my third time using them. I spoke a little bit on Snapchat about this, but I’ll explain more here.

My first ever juice cleanse was 10 days long, and it actually was not as bad as you’d think. Since then I’ve done two 5-day and then the one I’m on now – to be determined.

Here’s what I’ve gotten from my experiences: they make me lose weight that I don’t gain back, they give me energy, and they help with portion control/ cravings.

I don’t recommend these all the time, and I don’t even recommend not eating during the process. But every few months or when you feel like your body is completely out of control, they are the key.

“So where do I start?”

There’s two things to consider when doing a juice cleanse – Organic and Sugar content

Organic –  We can go back and forth and debate all day long about whether you should be choosing organic on an every day basis, so when it comes to juices I’m even more of an advocate.

“Would you drink a cocktail of synthetic poisons?” – UptownJuice

“When looking for a juice cleanse that is right or you, it is important to understand the importance of choosing an organic juice cleanse, as juices pressed with conventional produce could introduce a potentially harmful amount of toxic pesticides into your body.” – Project Juice

You will be consuming around 20lbs of produce per day, so make sure it is as clean as you can make it.

Sugar – I hate to break it to you, but this isn’t going to be the most appetite appeasing thing you’ve ever done. Opt for VEGGIE cleanses. Fruit juices are chocked full of sugars. Yes, they’re natural, but that doesn’t mean that you should be consuming 20lbs of sugary foods for very obvious reasons. Read more here.  

“How do I not go broke over this?” 

It sucks that so many juice cleanses are SO freaking expensive, but luckily there are options.

This company is organic and non-gmo. They have individual juices and then a couple of cleansing options. Their “Sayonora Sugar” cleanse is $120 for 3 days ($40 per day), which is cheaper than doing it on your own. You can also build your own cleanses from their individual drinks.

If you’re committed, then this is a good choice for you. For about $60 per day you can make juices at home with a juicer or NutriBullet. You can either juice by googling recipes or try a single program. One that I really agree with is by The Blender Girl –

Dr. Mark Hyman frequently discuses how to eat healthy for cheap, so check out some of his articles before you head to the grocery store!

Healthy Grocery Shopping in 20 Minutes or Less

Eat Healthy on a Budget with these Strategies

Like I said, I’m doing the Inspiration Cleanse from BluePrint. They deliver to your door at $65 per day with $30 shipping. It definitely puts a dent in the wallet compared to the previous two options, but this is a new one by BluePrint and I wanted to try it out.

Another great company is My Organic Juice. They’re a Georgia based company and they have some really unique/ awesome products. They carry everything from juice to bone/ vegetable broth and I really appreciate the diversity.

Read about some other cleanses here!

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