Carbs are important for healthy hormones

Carbs are necessary for healthy hormones.

😱🤯 That’s right – the low-carb mindset is actually not the best way to support weight loss or your metabolism.

But, there are certain carb sources that are more *beneficial* for your hormones than others: 👉🏼 Let’s talk slow burning vs fast burning carbs.

Slow burning carb sources like:
⚡️Sweet potatoes
⚡️Steel cut oats
⚡️Brown rice
⚡️Leafy greens
⚡️Cruciferous veggies
– are great for hormones because they don’t cause a spike in insulin.

Fast-burning carbs like:
⚡️White potatoes
⚡️White rice
⚡️White bread + pasta
– can screw up our hormones.

When our insulin gets spiked by fast burning carb sources, it throws off our hormone balance by increasing insulin which in-turn affects our sex hormones.

This doesn’t mean fast-burning carbs are “bad” and slow-burning carbs are “good.” I hate those words around foods!
⭐️ It just means that if you are trying to maintain hormone balance, it is ideal to shoot for more carbs coming from slow-burning sources.

If you’re like me and don’t want to give up fast-burning carbs (because french fries will always be my weakness???) – focus on food pairing!
⭐️ Always consume a fast-burning carb with a fat + a protein to prevent insulin spikes!

Everyone’s carb threshold is a bit different, so it is important to play around with certain numbers to see what feels good for you. Carbs should make you feel energized and satisfied but not overly full.

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