Brussels & Pea Risotto (GF + DF)

I woke up one morning this week with a random craving for risotto.

Why? No clue.

Not even sure the last time I had risotto prior to this, but I was determined to make it ASAP.

Everything I’ve ever heard about risotto is that it is hard to make because of the constant stirring, but I found this to be a relaxing process. I put on a podcast, stirred my heart out, and then got to sit down with some damn good risotto.

In my recipe I used fresh brussels sprouts and frozen peas, but you could really do this with any combo of veggies, as long as you cook them prior to putting them into the risotto. I want to try making this with baby bella mushrooms and broccoli soon.

If you’re looking for something that’s:

Can be made in bulk
& is the perfect craving cure

Then go ahead and whip this bad boy up.

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