hormone bootcamp with calee shea

yes queen!

Are you ready to finally feel in alignment with your body + your life?


This program is for you, if...

You're a millennial go-getter and your health is getting in the way of the life you dream of having

You want to take charge of your fertility, but you're fearful of it because no one has ever taught you the ins and outs of how your body actually works

The idea of a totally symptomless period is laughable because yours have been so terrible your whole life

Sex feels more like a chore than one of life's greatest pleasures

You've spent countless hours googling the hell out of your symptoms and dropped mad cash on "cures" and it has just left you overwhelmed and discouraged

You believe that your emotional health is deeply connected to your physical health but don't know where to even begin

You realize that missing work days because of your period is literally costing you money

You envy other women who seem so confident, connected, + comfortable in their bodies

You want to come off of hormonal birth control but you're terrified of how your body will react

You believe that you have to make big compromises for better health and you don't have the time for that

You spend so much time hating on your body and at war with it and you can see how it is affecting how you show up in every single aspect of your life

Tapping into your feminine power is something you know you crave, but the idea of trying to learn what that means for you sounds exhausting

What if...

You felt connected and in alignment with your body every single day

You didn't rely on hormonal birth control for pregnancy prevention or to combat period symptoms because you had all the tools to do that yourself

Your periods were easy, symptomless, and left you feeling recharged and ready to take on the world

You had a step-by-step guide for how to live in your body in a way that felt so fucking yummy every day

Your life was filled with the amazing, hot, steamy sex that you know you deserve

You were tapped into your feminine power, giving you the ability to create a life that you love

You had support, accountability, and partnership to guide you on this journey to better health for as long as you needed it

You knew exactly what to eat to fuel your body and feel in alignment with your health - no guessing, no stressing, and absolutely no food fear

Your body glowed from the inside out - clear skin, healthy hair, strong, and confident as hell

and what if...

here's what my peeps are saying...

"tmi but also worth celebrating. my bf even noticed a difference. he was like, "you just feel more alive, and your skins softer" hahah and later after activities, he says "your pussy is so welcoming now" there was one time he came in literally a minute! i was so proud! i was happy & fine to be done because in my head i was dayyummn girl this pussy is magic now, look what you did. mhm."

Program outline

Hormone bootcamp is packed with 6 main modules, 2 extra support modules, + 3 bonus courses that will roll out over 6 weeks as we build your foundation. Weeks 7-12 will be focused on integrating everything you've learned into your life, troubleshooting, and building habits that last.


We kick off module 1 with setting the tone. We talk about accountability, expectations, and how to set healthy goals. When all of this is said and done, you need a solid foundation and a WHY for committing to changing your life. During this intro module we get to know each other and connect as a group!


What is a healthy cycle? We’re going to get super clear on what a healthy cycle is, understanding ovulation, and discuss the details of period health. We’ve learned to dread our periods and curse mother nature, but in this module you’ll shift that thinking and replace that dread with excitement (yes, really!) about your cycle and a newfound connection to your body.


You’ve probably googled the heck out of how to eat to fix your cramps, heal your acne, have long healthy hair, and so on. and you’ve also probably gotten about 3487746312323 different answers from people who swear their diet is the answer. Instead of overwhelming you with a diet that leaves you feeling restricted and frustrated, you’re given the tools to figure out how to eat in a way that works for your body and your lifestyle. 


One of our most important hormones is the stress hormone, cortisol. Stress management is essential to having healthier periods. I know that stress management is much easier said than done, so in this module you will be given multiple tools ranging from things like better sleep to self-pleasure that you can implement today to help get those stress levels down.


Now that we've learned about our physical and emotional health, it is time to dig into the sexual and spiritual aka the woo baby! This module is dedicated to understanding your sacral chakra, feminine play, and pleasure.

extra resources

This module includes any extras you may need such as period product recommendations, sex toy recommendations, and extra journal prompts.

symptom toolbox

While Hormone Bootcamp is dedicated to helping you learn how to support your body long-term, it can take time to heal. Included in this section is additional information about specific symptoms you may want support with asap.

bonus courses

Inside of Hormone Bootcamp you will get access to 2 of my top-selling courses and my popular workshop: Hormone Happy Eats, Breaking Up with HBC, and Fertility Awareness Magic. These are extra resources to ensure that you have all of the tools you need to be successful in this program and beyond!


i have (insert period problem here) is this for me?

If you've got hormonal acne, cramps, PCOS, Endo, PMDD, heavy flow, headaches, a missing period, or anything else period/ gut health related, the tools in this program can help.

When does the next round of period Bootcamp Start?

The next round of PB starts in September of 2020 Spots are offered on a first come, first serve basis once applications are approved.

what is the investment?

The basic investment is $2200 total which includes the modules, group calls, Slack channel, and Facebook community

do you offer payment plans?

Yessss hunny!! I LOVE a good payment plan and I've got a few options for you such as 6 month and 9 month payment plans! 

how does the application process work?

This container is so sacred so I are very selective about who i welcome into the program. First, you'll fill out an application and after you fill that out, you will be prompted to book a one-on-one call. Shortly after, a member of the team will reach out and let you know if your application has been approved. On the call, you and I will work together to determine if Period Bootcamp is a good fit for you and you may be offered a spot.

how much support/ attention/ accountability will i receive?

Between the Zoom calls, the Slack channel, and the Facebook group - you have as much accountability as you need! I am always here to answer questions and my goal is your success.

what kind of participation is required?

I ask that everyone do the homework assignments, show up to the calls and participate in the group for the entire 3 months. This is an essential part of the process and your growth!

do it, you know you want to...


calee is a holistic health practitioner and integrative nutrition health coach with a specialty in periods and sexual health.

her journey with holistic health began when she came off of the pill and was overwhelmed with symptoms like acne, leaky gut, digestive pains, headaches, and painful, heavy periods.

She felt trapped in her body and disconnected from everything that made her who she was. She was determined to stop fighting her body and learn how to be in partnership with it. She pursued her education in holistic health to heal herself and quickly realized that she wanted to apply this knowledge to helping other women.

She has a zero-bullshit approach to serving you as a mentor, coach, accountability partner, and will be your #1 fan throughout your journey.

When she isn't working with clients, creating content, or pursuing further education - she is having a snuggle party with her cats + pup, cooking a yummy meal with her man, or cozied up in fuzzy socks reading a book.

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