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NuLeaf CBD

I've tried SO many CBD oils and this is by far my favorite brand. It is organic and they do a great job of quality testing!

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Ancient Nutrition

Supplements, collagen, and protein powders, oh my! Everything by this company is a staple in our household!

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Clean beauty is an important part of supporting your hormone health! BeautyCounter is EWG certified and makes self-care super easy.

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the eyeshadow palettes omg

my fave!

Food Period

Seed cycling cookies that keep you from having to make your own balls! These come in tons of flavors but I'm a chocolate gal through-and-through!

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Pregnancy testing without even having to leave your house. Stix makes it easy to order pregnancy tests shamelessly and even on a subscription!

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My fav sex toys! Lelo rocks my world on a daily ;) basis. I may as well have stock in the company at this point with the amount of toys I own.

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Screw UTI's! Uqora makes supporting your bladder + kidney health easy and doable with daily care!

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Unbound Babes

A badass sexual wellness company that's got some of my fav sex toys, some powerful jewelry, and great educational blogs.

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Integrative Nutrition

I began my Health Coaching journey at IIN and cannot say enough things about how freaking much I love this program! You can do it too!

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