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I have had an itching to move since the beginning of the year. I have been wanting more space, a yard, and some room for the five of us (Jake, Kobe, Hugo, Moxie, and I) to not be all up under each other. I must admit, Mom, you were right. Townhouse living with a dog is not ideal. 

And thus, we began our house search.

I wanted this dream home to be a place we could stay for a very long while and I had 3 specifications: I wanted it to be close to town, have a relatively small amount of land/ yard, and to have a lot of natural sunlight. I only ended up getting 1/3 of those things, but we’ll get to that in a minute. 

I was being way too picky on most of the houses, but fell in love with a house that met all of my criteria. It also happened to be home to 5 goats, a pig, and 29 chickens that the owners were selling with it.

No doubt about it, this was my dream home.

Well, 7 days into our 10 day inspection period, we found some issues with the home.

I offered to purchase the animals, but their owner told me someone else was interested.

Disappointed, I had to move on.

We found my actual dream home very shortly after, but it is not anything like what I expected, similarly to how most things in my life go.

Cue life motto: that *universe conspires to work with you quote*

Shortly after, I got an email from the owner offering to sell the animals.

And that’s the long and short version of how I fell into #myaccidentalfarmlife

We’re between homes right now, so I’m back and forth pretty frequently for both renovation stuff and farm chores, but it actually has been such a meditative process for me.

You can read about that more here:

Soooooooo now have a farm full, a house renovation in full swing, and a garden in the planning process.

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