The City Between the Bridges


Try to get a visual in your mind of New York, San Francisco and Venice; when you do that, you might just touch on the essence of what Stockholm is. After spending 3.5 days in this amazing city, I realized that the feel is similar to that of Copenhagen, but on a much larger scale.

On our first day we spend a lot of time walking the streets of Old Town. It had a tourist feel, but it was definitely a must see part of the city. We visited a local candy shop and got some yummy treats. I noticed that there are a lot of juice shops throughout the city, so we stopped for a juice in Stockholm almost as often as we stopped for a coffee in Copenhagen. Key statement: almost as often. We took a ferry to the Vasa Museum which is a museum built around a swedish war ship that sank on its maiden voyage. It stayed underwater for 333 years before being brought up. The ship was in amazing condition when they brought it up and it was breathtaking in person.

The next day was a totally different part of the city. Old Town had a similar feel to Copenhagen, but Stockholm felt so much bigger. We spent our second day walking all over the city. We probably walked a total of 15 miles or more… We were exhausted by the end, but it was amazing to see the city the way we did. We walked across bridges and alongside the water, getting to look at all the ships. We toured the outside of the Stockholm Palace because most of the inside was closed because they were preparing for a royal wedding.

The next day was very low key and most of it was spent at the spa. For lunch, we ate at Sturehof and it was one of my favorite meals this trip (and the fact that I had lobster, obviously had a lot to do with that). Just when we thought that lunch couldn’t be topped, we arrived at Gute Grill & Bar. OH MY GOSH. The food was steakhouse style and it was phenomenal. We took our time and ate multiple courses. We began with dried meats and cheese and then had small house salads. When the entrees arrived, everything was cooked to perfection. We had a platter of different meats and a burger that came with a literal bucket of fries. The desserts only enhanced the meal even more. We tried one of everything (lol – there were only 4 so it wasn’t THAT bad of us). All in all, this was the perfect night and meal to end the adventure in Stockholm.

Our trip wouldn’t have been so incredible without the help of the front desk at the Stallmästaregården Hotel! The staff was so generous and the hotel itself as well as the restaurant rocked! It was in such a convenient place and allowed us space from the hustle and bustle of the city, but was still close enough to walk into it! If you are ever in Stockholm, definitely at least visit the restaurant and get the fish and the rhubarb roll for dessert 😉

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