The City of Bikes

On Friday, June 5th my family and I embarked on a 14 day Scandinavian adventure. 26 travel hours placed us in our first of four locations. Copenhagen, Denmark was our first stop.

Saturday, June 6th
We arrived at our hotel, 71 Nyhavn Hotel, checked in, then explored as much of Strøget as we could. We ate Danish fish cakes, had some amazing lobster bisque, and obviously took a lot of pictures. I had an ice cream that was rolled in chocolate sprinkles. It goes without saying that was my favorite part of the day.

Sunday, June 7th
Walking and biking is the main form of transportation in this metropolis. Around 10:30am we hit the streets, only to stop at a small cafe for one of the best meals I’ve ever had. I made a great move and forgot my SD card for my camera at home so for the first few hours we searched for an electronics store, which led us to a bunch of really cool areas in the city. We found a main shopping street, Østergade. Afterwards, we toured Rosenborg Palace. We enjoyed some wine, good food, and passed out way too early (jet-lag, not the wine 😉 )

Our hotel offers an AMAZING breakfast buffet, so after some cold cuts, 6 cups of coffee (per person), and one too many pastries, we were aquarium bound. The National Aquarium of Denmark or Den Blå Planet, was relatively small but filled with a lot of Scandinavian fish (as well as plenty from other countries) and it was interesting to see. My only complaint was the lack of otters. If you know me at all, you know my obsession with otters, so obviously I was quite upset. We ate at a really unique restaurant called Geist and then we were dead set on finding the “Little Mermaid” statue (which we found eventually), but somehow ended up at the crown royal’s home in the beautiful Amalianborg. Then we stopped for a lot more wine… then found the Little Mermaid. After a long walk back to Støget, we stopped for yet ANOTHER meal. Little Italy inspired spaghetti filled us up and off to bed we went.

All in all, I’m in love with this city. The active lifestyle, cold weather, happy people and the five to eight cafe’s per block are my cup of tea for sure. Off to Stockholm, Sweden today and I’m way too excited to see more of Scandinavia!

Stay tuned for more pics through my Instagram.

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