You *CAN* sit with us...

Oh this? It is only the hottest womxn's health Facebook Group on the internet... 😉

Hey hey friend, I'm your girl Calee Shea!

I’m a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and I specialize in periods and sexual health (yes, when my extended family asks what I'm doing these days I do tell them I'm an accountant).

I’ve worked with hundreds of womxn to help them make educated choices about how they take care of their bodies. 

But trust me, I was NOT born with this skillset. 

In 2015 I got off the pill and to put it nicely, it wrecked my life???

I was left with every symptom of post-birth control syndrome. I had the hair loss, acne, fatigue, mood swings, irregular cycles, post-pill PCOS - you name it, I probably had it.

No doctor could tell me what was wrong and I was frequently told that this is, "normal for womxn"... ummm excuse me sir, what?

I was determined to figure out wtf was going on in my body and heal it ASAP... ha... yeah it took a bit longer than I had anticipated because #learningcurve BUT I was able to heal my body and now I help my clients make that same magic happen in about 1/4 of the time that it took me to learn all of the things.

I'm incredibly grateful to have a freaking AMAZING community over on Facebook where we talk about all things hormones, periods, sex, pleasure, and SO. MUCH. MORE. and if you're a human with a period, you're definitely going to want to be part of this FREE COMMUNITY!

Here's what you need to know...

✨ This is a private group! Which means that your friends won't see that you've joined (don't worry girlfriend, I've got you!)

✨ I'm up in that group on a daily basis answering questions, posting educational content, and going live.

✨ I miiiiight be biased but I honestly think this is the most supportive group I've ever seen. We've set the bar really high for our members to be kind and we don't tolerate bullshit.

✨ These can be sensitive topics and each member respects that!

When I asked the members what they love about the group here's what they had to say...


✅ Access to moi (a board certified holistic health practitioner)

✅ Exclusive freebies, live trainings, and Q+A sessions

✅ First dibs when live group programs, 1:1 coaching spots, and intensives open up

✅ A supportive community of badass babes (I mean really what more could you ask for!)