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my name is calee shea

hey hot stuff!

and I'm your go-to-gal for all things periods, vaginal health, and sex.

When I'm not working with clients or doing some sort of continuing ed, I'm in the gym, wrangling my terrible cats, or on a spontaneous trip with the love of my life.

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period bootcamp

Are you ready to build a relationship with your feminine health, ditch period problems for good, boost your sex drive, overcome acne, feel sexy and confident in your own skin, and/or finally break up with birth control?

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my signature group program, designed for women like you.

a ground-breaking women's podcast birthed by Calee Shea.

We discuss wtf women need to know about their bodies, featuring badass guests and sexperts. expect the taboo, the woo-woo, the magical, and the transformational.

Hack your hormones with cycle syncing

some episodes to get you started:

myth busting: hormonal birth control

how to have period sex